Me and my Blog

Reading takes us away from home, but more important it finds homes for us everywhere. That's the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet. Edmund Wilson said: No two persons ever read the same book. Because reading only furnishes our mind with knowledge. It's our thinking that makes what we read ours.

About Me

Hey there. I imagine you’ve clicked on this page for a reason so that means I should probably tell you something about myself? Well, my name’s Yasmine and I’m a twenty year old fake geek girl who loves to procrastinate more than anything else. This is how I end up reading a lot and doing all the things I love instead of actually doing the things I should (for example studying). I live in Switzerland (hence my blog name) in a small, ordinary town. I enjoy travelling a lot and have already been to a lot of beautiful places, but my absolute favourite way of travelling is through books. You can cross distances of miles and miles to the other side of earth in an instant without even having to leave your bedroom or if you prefer you can travel back in time without actually having to invent a time machine first. Books have accompanied me through tough and through good times and since I learned the alphabet, I can't seem to stop picking up new books and getting to know new worlds. What better way is there to escape our world then through discovering a new one?

You want to know even more?

As I grew up in Singapore English is my first and favourite language. However I can also speak (and read) German, Spanish and French. I love to read books and comics and I spend way too much time on the internet watching TV series. I’ve got a semi-professional dancer which takes up most of my freetime, but I’d never give it up. To be exact I dance Ballet and Flamenco and I hope to someday make at least half a living of it. My favourite colour is green (and yet my blog is blue, which surprised me as much as those who know me) and I love dogs. At the moment I'm in my gap year and I will start Uni in September 2016 and I'm really excited about studying computer science.

Why did I start a blog?

I started this blog to share my obsessions with new people. I wanted a place where I could let go of my thoughts and emotions on all things books and television and now I’ve got that. As I’m a huge fangirl I might get ahead of myself sometimes, but in the end I always try to find the perfect balance between blogging and the outside world.

So what can you expect from this blog?

I will post a lot about bookish things like reviews, bookish lists and book discussions. Also I like to participate in so called memes like Waiting on Wednesday and Trilogy Tuesday from time to time. Other than that you’ll also see movie and tv series reviews once in a while and some original posts about things I’d just like to talk about with you guys. Because this blog is primarily about getting the chance to talk to you guys, my readers and fellow bloggers, about things that occupy me and that I love.