Review Policy

General Information

I'm always interested in expanding my horizon and when it comes to books I will never be able to stop. I review because I love it and I feel the need to share my opinion on the books I've read. By no means are my reviews professional, neither do they follow a certain set up. They spring out of my mind and therefore they represent my feelings (this also explains why some reviews are a little messier than others, seeing that every book leaves me in different emotional states). All of my reviews are honest reviews. Sometimes it may happen that I dislike a book, but I'll always try to review it nonetheless in a neutral state as to not affect possible new readers negatively. 

What to expect from my reviews

My reviews are build up in an easy structure: There's a summary of the story (I mostly use goodreads summaries) and then follows my personal review. The book cover always mirrors the edition I have at home. I generally don't read books if I don't own them because I'm kind of a collector and I feel the need to own all the books I've read.

Where do I post my reviews?

Often I post a little summary of a review on Goodreads and the actual review a few days later on my blog. I tend to review every novel I read, but it may take some time until I upload them on Swissbookworm.

My rating system

★ Loved it!
 Liked it
 It was okay
 Not for me

Review Requests

If you found your way here on behalf of considering asking me to review your book, I'm very honoured. Please read the following instructions carefully as to not waste your time (and mine) by sending in requests that I will not consider because you didn't follow the guideline.

Sending in Requests

I love physical copies. However as I live in Switzerland, I know most of you won't want to send a copy to my address (however if you do, just notify me per e-mail). You may send in your review request to At the moment I do not own a Kindle or another E-Reader, so do not send in requests with either formats. You can however send me PDF files. Please do not forget to include a synopsis, Goodreads/Amazon link and any other information I may find useful. I only reply to requests I'm interested in. However, it may take some time until I find the time to read your book, as my freetime is limited. 

My favourite genres include:

- Dystopia
- Science Fiction
- Fantasy
- New Adult Romance
- All things YA