Wednesday, 27 April 2016

5 LOL Moments in Lady Midnight

It's aready Day #2 of my Shadowhunters week. How time flies by. Sadly I haven't had that much time to read a lot of City of Glass but I'm getting there. I get emotionally attached to the books I read. I cry, I smile and sometimes I just laugh out loud. I want to share some of those moments with you guys so we can laugh together (this will probably work better if you've read the book, but if you haven't: beware of spoilers! But who knows, maybe I can draw out a smile or giggle of you anyway).

Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices #1) by Cassandra Clare is the new book in the Shadowhunting series. It's the beginning of a new trilogy that's set 5 years after the happenings of City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments #6).

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1. I hope I’m not the only one that just assumed that the new High Warlock of Los Angeles would also be gay. Well, he clearly told us that was not the case which was my first laugh-out-loud moment in this book.
Livvy: “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?” “I’m straight,” Malcom, said, looking surprised. - p.100
2. Although the death (if you can actually call it a death since it never was a real living thing) of a magical creature always hurts, Emma’s attestation and mocking of the Fairy-language just made me giggle.
”Thy steed is no more, methinks,” Emma said to him. - p.226
3. I mean sure it must be hard to adapt to the human world after being away in Fairy for such a long time as Mark has. But this behaviour was just ridiculous. If I had to apologize to every inanimate object I bumped into, it would take me twice as long to get from A to B.
”You need to act more like a normal human being,” said Jules. “When we’re out in public.” “He doesn’t need to act normal,” said Ty sharply. “He bumped into a pay phone and said, ‘Excuse me, miss,’ on our way in,” said Julian. “It’s polite to apologize,” said Mark with the same small smile. “Not to inanimate objects.” - p.277
4. The fact that Ty actually managed to capture a skunk and hide it in his room. I think for that action alone he should be allowed to keep the animal until he realises by himself that it's not the best idea he ever had.
Tavvy discovered Ty had been hiding a skunk in his room and started screaming. Livvy was busy convincing Ty to release the skunk back into the wild; Ty thought the fact that he and Livvy had translated the Poe lines meant he’d earned the right to keep the skunk. - p.314
5. How the twins managed to convince Mark that going half naked to a party meant semi-formal still makes me giggle. Seriously, Mark, it hasn’t been that long.
Julian blinked, not quite believing his eyes. His older brother seemed to be wearing a long, slightly ratty fake-fur coat – and nothing else. […] His legs were bare. His feet were bare. Julian was 99 percent sure all of him was bare except for the coat, which was fairly loose. It was more of Mark than Julian had seen since they’d shared a bedroom when he was two. - p.322

I'd like to know

What's your reaction to this new kind of post? Would you like to see it again in the future with other books I read? When you read Lady Midnight, did you laugh at the same scenes I did? Do you even have more scenes then please quote them or tell me the page number in your comment.