Monday, 16 January 2017

DC Essential Graphic Novels 2017

About the novel

Title: DC Essential Graphic Novels 2017
Author: Various
Genres: Graphic Novels, DC Comics, Superheroes
Published: January 10th 2017
Read: January 2017

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Publisher: DC
Edition: Kindle
Purchase Location: NetGalley
I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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Goodreads Summary

For years, DC has been synonymous with the greatest graphic novels ever created. Now you can start with the basics—DC's top-notch, must-read, absolute cream of the crop—all listed in this DC ESSENTIAL GRAPHIC NOVELS 2017 catalog. Anyone can experience DC from the best starting points possible with 25 graphic novels vital to any collection. From there, check out our list of the most important books for understanding your favorite characters: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Justice League and more. From DC's Young Animal, to MAD and Vertigo imprints, to DC Super Hero Girls, DC has the most diverse library of graphic novels in all of comics. The DC ESSENTIAL GRAPHIC NOVELS 2017 catalog makes it easy to find the perfect story for everyone!

My Review

A lot of people would love to start reading comics, but are overwhelmed with the amount of comics and graphic novels already out there and don’t know where to start. This catalog is a fantastic way for newbies to create their first impression of our beloved DC world. As a total newbie in the comic departement you should have no trouble getting an overview of the superhero world by DC and finding some awesome stories to begin with.

By no means do you have to begin at the very beginning of the first comic to have been published. This catalog gives you a lot of great suggestions based on the different superheroes and highlights the greatest comics in the series. The recommendation of the reading order also picks out a red line which you can follow whilst following up with your favourite superheroes.

From my personal favourites such as The Flash, Batgirl, and Superman to the other “Big Stars” like Batman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman, all are covered in the catalog and introduced shortly. As a huge DC fan myself, I now know exactly which soon-to-be-released Graphic Novels I’m waiting for (im)patiently and which ones I still have to buy that have been released in the past.

With a creative layout and short commentaries I enjoyed reading this catalog as much as the actual comics themselves and the introduction story at the beginning starring The Flash and The Rogues is a beautiful way to start a catalog and makes it so much more alive.

I'd like to know

Do you read Graphic Novels or comics in general? If so, what do you like to read? Are you a big DC fan yourself and who are your favourite superheroes? I would LOVE to talk to you more about comics in the comments! :)