Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Kicking off 2017

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed New Year’s Eve and started with the right foot into the new year. I had a blast on the 31st. A couple of friends and I went to eat dinner in my favourite restaurant in Zurich and then we went to a club to celebrate the new year. It was fun, but I’m still so tired (yes I know it’s been two days already, but all I can do is lie around in bed the whole day).

2017 Reading Challenges

New year, new me, right? Nopes. This year I decided not to get too excited about the new year because I realised it doesn’t really change that much. Except in the bookish world. So I decided the only goals I want to set are in my reading habits.

All of the reading challenges I’m going to try to participate in this year will be updated with every book as always on the official 2017 Reading Challenges page. The official challenges I signed up for are:

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 30 Books
2017 Dystopia Reading Challenge: 6 Books
Flights of Fantasy 2017: 10 Books
2017 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge: 26 Books

This year, I've set some extra goals for myself, too.

Re-read 5 books
Read 3 Science Fiction books set in space
Read 1 Auotbiography
Read 5 Books from my TBR Pile (see TBR Pile Reading Challenge 2016)
Read 10 New Comics (Trade Paperback)

Lovely Letters

To kick off 2017 (and to enjoy my semester holiday) I decided to join the Lovely Letters program by Claudia (MySoulCalledLife) for the second time. Back in September (I think?) I joined for the first time and I really enjoyed it. So I hope to get to know another awesome person this time around. If you’d like to find out more about this, or even sign up (wink wink), go to Claudia’s Sign Up Post. Lovely Letters is a Snail Mail pen pal program and it’s really fun to participate in.

Plans in January

I’m going on my first vacation in the new year on Friday. We’re going to Rome (my best friend, the same one who went on the month long vacation with me last summer). I’ve never really been to Italy and I can’t wait to see that beautiful city that has been on my bucket list for years now. Also I can’t wait to eat tons of pizza and pasta. :P

Currently Reading

And finally I want to tell you about the book I’m currently reading. I picked up Gemina by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff yesterday and I’ve been really fighting against putting it down because it’s so incredibly good. I read Illuminae last year and couldn’t await the sequels’ release and now that I’ve finally got it, it’s kind of surreal. The story is just as adventurous and fascinating, also a little terrifying, as the first book in the series, and it’s been ages since I’ve read 400 pages in one day. Continuing this pace I’ll hopefully finish it tomorrow and I’m really happy about Gemina being my first read in 2017.

I'd like to know

What did you do on New Years' Eve? Did you get to celebrate with your friends or family? Have you had a good start in 2017? What are your reading goals for 2017 and what Reading Challenges are you participating in? Also, have you read Gemina and what are your thoughts on it? (No spoilers please, I haven't quite finished it yet.)