Monday, 6 February 2017

Book Review: The Adventures of Technicality Man

About the book

Title: The Adventures of Technicality Man
Author: Jessica Meats
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fiction, Superheroes, Humour
Published: December 19th, 2016
Read: January 2017

My Copy

Publisher: -
Edition: Kindle
Purchase Location: NetGalley
I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

My Rating:

Goodreads Summary

Everyone knows how the stories are supposed to go. The good guys win in the end, the hero ends up with the designated love interest, and the plucky band of misfits pulls together to save the world. But what happens when a villain targets the nature of stories themselves? All the tropes that the heroes have come to rely on are under threat. Technicality Man and his trusty companion Continuity Leopard must join forces with a group of minor heroes to save the day. They won’t let any barrier stop them. Not even the fourth wall.

My Review

I'm really sorry to have to say that this book wasn't my cup of tea. I only finished it because of the short amount of pages. Had it been longer, I would probably have stopped reading and just DNFed it.

The author has no doubt a lot of creativity and skills in the application of narrative devices which I have a lot of respect for. But the story just wasn't as captivating as I'd wished it to be (pun not intended). And you'll only be able to understand that pun, when you've read the book, so hey maybe check it out? (Don't let my negative review deter you from reading this book.

Honestly, I wanted to write a longer review about this book, but I just can’t find any motivation because I really didn’t enjoy it all to well. I hope you guys will like it better and give it a shot anyways. I’ve seen a lot of great reviews of this book, mine’s just not one of them.

I'd like to know

Have you heard of this book and is it on your TBR? What are your latest reads and do you have any recommendations for me? How do you deal with books you don't enjoy? And especially: how do you tend to write those reviews? I'd love to talk about this with you in the comments! :)