Sunday, 29 May 2016

Lovely Letters ♡ My First Pen Pal Experience

Hey there guys! I'm so excited about today's topic for this blog post. So in March I signed up for a really awesome pen pal program. It’s called Lovely Letters and is hosted by the lovely Claudia at My Soul Called Life. I got the pleasure of getting to know her better for the past two months and I really enjoyed exchanging e-mails with her. So first off, let’s start with the most important question for this whole post, shall we?

What is Lovely Letters Snail Mail?

Lovely Letters is a Snail Mail Exchange Program focused on building new relationships by sending Lovely Letters and packages all across the globe, one new friend at a time. We are bloggers who love connecting through the love of sending and receiving snail mail. This project promotes encouragement, collaboration, friendship, and growth as individuals and as a blogging community. For more information on how you can participate, click here!

Naturally, when I discovered this I had to sign up immediately. Which was such a great decision. I really had a great time and I will definitely sign up for this pen pal pairing again in the future, but sadly not right away because I will be away over the summer and won't have any time to send any parcels anywhere. But who knows, maybe in August I'll be able to join again!


I really enjoyed getting to know Claudia better. She's an awesome person and I've been following her blog since I started this blog and joined the 2016 Dystopia Reading Challenge which she is co-hosting. So it was fun to get to know the person behind all those interesting reviews and other posts on her blog. Her parcel totally hit me off guard, though. She totally nailed it and I love every single thing she send me. Let me show you what goodies she sent me.

When I got home only seven days after she told me she mailed the parcel and found this huge package in my mailbox I was totally flabbergasted.


Let's just say that I'm a genious that I thought about unpacking this outside on our garden table because there were little glitter hearts everywhere! Seriously, I still find them on the floor in my room although I thought I left them all outside. But don't mistake this for a complaint, because it was totally cute and who doesn't love glitter hearts? Now just imagine me with a huge grin on my face unpacking this. I really took my time because I was so happy about this georgous content.

I was actually really shocked by how much I loved this. Claudia managed to send me goodies that were totally my taste. I do not know how she figured I'd like this so much, but can I just say Claudia: You hit the bull's eye! One of my absolute favourite goodies in this parcel is the donut keychain! I love it!



I had a few problems with my parcel before I could mail it. Somehow I bought the wrong format for shipping to foreign countries and it got totally messy until I found an official package I could use. But yeah, everything worked out in the end so I'm really glad about that.

This was my first parcel and I felt a little nervous about it because I didn't know if Claudia would like the things I got for her. But in the end I decided to include the following goodies for her:
❥ Lovely Stickers in pastel colours
❥ A cute little notebook with an owl motif (because I adore owls)
❥ A wooden butterfly for her to choose her new favourite spot in the house
❥ Joss sticks with the scent of strawberries and sandalwood
❥ A Minnie Mouse Notepad
❥ A Magnetic Notepad for the fridge
❥ And next to some personal notes I included my favourite songtext by my favourite Swiss singer called Bastian Baker in the hopes that she might come to like a Swiss artist

If you haven't guessed yet, the theme was {Invigorating & New} & the color theme was {Pastels}. I really liked following this themes and now I think I'd do an even better job next time. And I know that there'll definitelly be a next time!

I'd like to know

Do you have any experiences with snail mail programs or pen pals? What are your thoughts on Lovely Letters? Do you think you would want to join this one day? Maybe even the next time slots are open again? If you're ever interested in a pen pal, but don't want to commit to a parcel program, you can always leave me a message! I love pen pals and it would be great to get to know new people this way. And it's really fun!