Tuesday, 31 May 2016

May Wrap Up

Hello there! How time flies, huh? It’s already the last day of May which means half of the year is nearly over. I can’t believe I’ve already been blogging for five months. Well, scratch that. The past month I haven’t really been ‘blogging’. There were so many things going on in my life that I hardly found time to read, nor review the books I actually did finish. I also went to my very first comic con and it was absolutely amazing. I’m hooked! Can’t wait for next year where I’ll definitely go again. I’m still planning on writing about that experience, although it’s already 3 weeks in the past.

There are also a lot of books that I haven’t reviewed yet, but I hope that those will be up in the next month. Oh and I achieved my first reading goal for 2016! I read 10 (well now 11) fantasy books for the Flights of Fantasy challenge! So yeah, there are a lot of posts planned for June and I hope I’ll actually be able to write them all. Also, I’m thinking about asking you guys (and other newbies) to help me prepare some posts for July/August because I’m going on my big UK tour and would love to keep my blog going. I’m thinking about something like guest posts. Have you ever let someone guest post on your blog or did you yourself write anything for other blogs? Do you have any tips for me regarding this? Would be highly appreciated!



1. City of Glass (TMI #3) by Cassandra Clare
2. Die Dunkle Gabe (The Strange Power - Dark Visions #1) by Lisa J. Smith
3. Der Geheime Bund (The Possessed - Dark Visions #2) by Lisa J. Smith 3.5
4. The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus #1) by Rick Riordan


The Son Of Neptune (The Heroes of Olympia #2) by Rick Riordan - I'm probably going to finish this book tonight which will make it my number 5 read of May :)


Goodreads Reading Challenge
Progress 24/30 (83%)

Flights of Fantasy
Progress 11/10 (110%)


Civil War
So this month I watched only one movie in the cinema and therefore I only posted one movie review. Hopefully there'll be more again next month.

Blog Recap

In case you missed it here's a recap of this month's posts and Reviews.

A Shadowhunters Week was held in the last week of April and the first Sunday of May featured the Finale

❥ I talked about 5 Dystopian Books I'm Dying To Read

❥ I shared my Experience with Lovely Letters with you guys




‣ I finally did it! I designed my very own first Blog Header. It doesn't really look professional, but for the moment I quite like it and it will stay up there at the top of my blog until I find time (and the talent) to design a better header (which probably won't happen in the next few months). It's actually quite embarrasing how long it took me to edit that, which is why I will keep it a secret.

‣ I also made some changes to my side bar and finally designed my own 'Follow Me' Buttons for my social media, which I'm quite proud of because I had no idea how to do it and had to google it for a long time until I found some helpful tutorials.

‣ And the third change I did was to add the 'You Might Also Like...' widget to my blog posts on the Home page. I hope it isn't too annoying and that it will give new readers other posts to check out.

I'd like to know

Now that you know how my month has been I'd love to hear about yours! Tell me all about your life experiences, the books you've read the movies and series you've watched. Anything you'd like to talk about.