Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Beginning

Hello Internet!

This is my brand new (and very first) blog and I'm quite excited about this new project. I've been wanting to do this for over a year now and I've finally managed to actually start a blog. I will be posting about books (for example I will post reviews of books I've read, News about upcoming books or authors and all kinds of other book-related stuff).

I have been dreaming about my own blog for a long time now and have always envied people who manage to keep up a successfull blog. My goal is to write about books that matter to me and share my thoughts about them and I believe that I can do that more successfully on my own blog than on goodreads (although I really enjoy using goodreads and adore that website!).

Some may have found this blog through my Instagram account with the same name. About a year ago I joined the bookstagram community and fell in love with it right away. I have encountered a lot of lovely and very talented people through that community and spend a lot of time on IG looking at other people's post and getting inspired.

It was actually on my 2015 To-Do list to create my own blog, but sadly I didn't manage to find the time for it (and honestly, when I first looked up blogspot, wordpress and other blog sites I didn't understand a thing on how to create a website). Today however, I just kind of got inspired and started playing around with the tools and then my blog was born.

I do hope that you will enjoy my future posts and thank you for having found your way here!