Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Trilogy Tuesday #1: The 100


I'd like to introduce you guys to a new monthly event (I guess a blogger would call this a meme?). Well, there are so many riveting trilogies out there and because I'm an absolute continuing stories lover I decided to create this label. Every last Tuesday of the month - like today - I'll be posting about a book trilogy. Careful: This segment is about the books only. If a book has been adapted into a TV series or a movie I might post something about that elsewhere, but here I will specifically only write about the book version. You guys are very welcome to join this meme. You can either pick the same trilogy as I did (I will always be posting the next post schedule at the bottom of the last post) or choose your own favourites. It would be great if you linked back to my blog. And now, without any further ado I present to you 

The Hundred Trilogy

Published March 18, 2014 
Goodreads Summary: No one has set foot on Earth in centuries until now. Ever since a devastating nuclear war, humanity has lived on spaceships far above Earth's radioactive surface. Now, one hundred juvenile delinquents, considered expendable by society, are being sent on a dangerous mission: to recolonize the planet. It could be their second chance at life... or it could be a suicide mission. Clarke was arrested for treason, though she's haunted by the memory of what she really did. Wells, the chancellor's son, came to Earth for the girl he loves, but will she ever forgive him? Reckless Bellamy fought his way onto the transport pod to protect his sister, the other half of the only pair of siblings in the universe. And Glass managed to escape back onto the ship, only to find that life there is just as dangerous as she feared it would be on Earth. Confronted with a savage land and haunted by secrets from their pasts, the hundred must fight to survive. [...] They may be mankind's last hope.

Published September 16, 2014 
Goodreads Summary: It's been 21 days since the hundred landed on Earth. They're the only humans to set foot on the planet in centuries... or so they thought. Facing an unknown enemy, Wells attempts to keep the group together. Clarke strikes out for Mount Weather, in search of other Colonists, while Bellamy is determined to rescue his sister, no matter the cost. And back on the ship, Glass faces an unthinkable choice between the love of her life and life itself. In this pulse-pounding sequel to Kass Morgan's The 100, secrets are revealed, beliefs are challenged, and relationships are tested. And the hundred will struggle to survive the only way they can -- together.

Published February 26, 2015 
Goodreads Summary: Weeks after crash-landing onto a rugged, nearly unpopulated planet Earth, the Hundred have managed to create a sense of order amidst their wild, chaotic surroundings. They work together to feed, shelter, and protect one another from countless dangers, including attacks by violent Earthborns. But their delicate balance comes crashing down with the arrival of new dropships from home--dropships carrying Glass and Luke, as well as the Vice Chancellor and his armed guards. Suddenly, Bellamy must flee transgressions he thought he had left behind in space, as Wells struggles to maintain his authority on Earth. And while Clark searches for clues about her parent's whereabouts, she finds herself torn between finding them and helping the injured new arrivals in camp. Lives hang in the balance, as the Colonists find themselves fighting not just attackers from the outside, but also enemies from within.

Being a huge fan of the TV series, I discovered these books after having watched the entire first season. Therefore, I had a total different view on what the books should contain. 

At first I was very suprised by the differences, but as I was reading chapter after chapter of The 100 I reallly started to enjoy the easy and fast paced storyline. The books are easy to be drawn in and not too dramatic, but still brought me to tears in different chapters.

The books have 4 different narratives focusing on the characters Clarke, Bellamy, Wells and Glass. While the first three of them go down to earth, Glass's story is still set up in spacec. The story follows their first few weeks on earth and a lot happens. They are taken by surprise by the earthborns because they didn't expect someone to have survived the cataclysm.

In my opinion the books don't explore enough the depth of these potential story lines as they could have. 

If you're a fan of the TV series be aware that the books are totally different, although most of the characters are the same. The setting and the pace have been changed and I believe Kass Morgan has done a lovely job telling the story of Clarke, Bellamy, Wells, Glass and the other characters in this trilogy. If you're a Bellarke (Bellamy/Clarke) fan as I am you should definitely read the books!

I'm a little disappointed that the covers have the pictures of the TV series' actors on them. I've never been a fan of books who bring out editions from the TV series or movies and specifically here they put a character on the cover who doesn't show up in any of the books (sorry Finn fans). 

Now it's your turn. I would be happy to read your comments about this book series. What are your thoughts? Have you read all of them or are they still on your TBR pile? Who's your favourite actor? And so on... 

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