Saturday, 6 February 2016

Top 5 Dystopian Romance Novels

February Discussion Prompt (Dystopia Reading Challenge)

You've been on the run hiding in the woods of Qulf Forest from Government forces for the past month with your dystopian crew (or solo). Upon yuor foraging trek, you incidentally stumble upon an abandoned farmhouse. Dauntless as ever, you walk in and to your incredible surprise, right in the middle of the living room, a gorgeous and completely perfect bookshelf welcomes you. You race to the bookshelf allowing your grimy fingers to caress each book spine as you take in the wonder of all the yester-books and pages you once lost yourself in before the fall of society. Wait, what's this!? It's not just an ordinary bookshelf, but an entire bookshelf filled with dystopian romance novels! You beam with joy and dive into your all time favorites!

What 5 dystopian romance novels (or couples) do you choose to bask in?

Who can deny that Tris and Tobias (or Four if you prefer) have gone through so much trouble just to be free and then don't even get the ending they deserve? Well in book 1 there's still no sign of any unexpected relationship turnout, that's why I'll be packing only part one and not the entire trilogy (my basket is pretty full and there is no place for unhappy endings). "You know, most boys would enjoy being trapped in close quarters with a girl." I roll my eyes. "Not claustrophobic people, Tris!" He sounds desperate now. [...] "Fell my heartbeat. Can you feel it?" "Yes." "Feel how steady it is?" "It's fast." "Yes, well that has nothing to do with the box." (p. 325) This is my all time favourite dialog between them.

Where would we go without our love triangles? Well I'm still not quite sure if this qualifies, but there's no denying that Cassie had a huge crush on Ben Parish and is now currently involved with Evan. Hmm... to be quite honest I really love Evan's character. He's nice, friendly and he saved her life. And then there's the fact that he's a "bad boy" which in this case means he's an "alien". I really like the story of how he and Cassie got to know each other and then fell for each other and him always saving her although he belongs to the enemy. So I'll definitely bask in The 5th Wave, because there's no world ending without a little romance first. 

Let's let the girls be the "bad girl". Day and June's romance definitely belongs into my basket because it's a totally different upbringing. June has military education of the highest standard and she's intelligent, quick-thinker and very skilled. So why, if she works for the government, would she fall in love with the country's number one wanted criminal? Because he's adorable, kind, helping and definitely would never hurt her. How their relationship goes on, I don't know yet, but the first installment of the trilogy is romantically all you need to save your day (pun intended). 

Next we've got a totally different kind of couple. It's bromance time! Minho, Newt and Thomas have the perfect friendship (and yes, nothing more) and they're my favourite bromance of all time! Because of the ugly events in the two sequels of The Maze Runner, I'll only be packing the first book (once again... Hmm, I'm slowly seeing a pattern here). Now although there're like real relationships in this book (Thomas/Teresa) I prefer them. Can you blame me? Between the three of them there's no betrayal, no drama, just understanding, acceptance and true friendship. You must agree that they have one of the most beautiful bromances in the history of dystopian novels...

Probably my all time favourite dystopian couple / relationship / romantic involved people or how ever you want to call this, Bellamy and Clarke from The 100. Their romance sparks from the very beginning and all the way through to the end they're story is so cute! Landing on earth together, depending on each other to survive, fighting different wars to save the people they love - so romantic! Who doesn't want that, when they return to earth after generations of living in space, to have someone you can discover earth with? Well, they have each other and their story's really something. What a perfect match, right? 

Let me know: 

Which five dystopian romance novels / couples would you bask in? Do we have any books incommon in our baskets?