Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #1: Top Ten Fictional Crushes

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
So Valentine's Day is next week and this is a Valentine's Day themed freebie. My pick: Top 10 Fictional Crushes. 

Everybody has them. A bookish crush you can't get over. A boy/girl who stole your heart. In some ways it's even worse than an actual real life crush, don't you think? Well here's my Top Ten Crushes.

# 10 John - To All The Boys I've Loved Before

by Jenny Han

John. Sweet, sweet, innocent John. For a second there, a really brief one, I was actually rooting for him to get the happy ending. He's such a sweet guy and he's caring and definitely does not judge people. He gives everybody a fair chance and that's why he's got so many friends. How he helped Lara Jean to forget her heartbreak for a short time and how he was always there in the nursing home for his grandmother just showed us what a nice guy he is. He's the guy the girl should end up with.

# 9 Peter - To All the Boys I've Loved Before 

by Jenny Han

But then we've got Peter. He might be the popular boy every girl wants to be with and he might be a little oblivious at times, but he's actually got a soft side. He defends people who were wronged, he tries to do the right thing and he's quite the sarcastic joker at times (which makes me like him even more). Peter's got such a lovely character, he just doesn't always know how to show it. From the beginning of book 1 I liked him and couldn't read enough about him, but sadly this series was only a two-parter and I was I could read more about him. 

# 8 Tucker - Unearthly 

by Cynthia Hand

Tucker, Tucker, Tucker. I think he's one of my biggest pre-teen fictional crushes and I haven't forgotten him up to this day. In the Unearthly series he's that sweet farmboy who falls madly in love with a girl, but is too shy to tell her and so instead just mocks her all the time. Then, when he gets the chance to spend time with her he pulls out all registers and organizes the most romantic getaways ever! He's a fighter and wouldn't let go of his girl even if other boys were a better match (because she's an angel and he's human: that brings up a few complications). 

# 7 Alec - The Mortal Instruments

by Cassandra Clare

Whose dreams were crushed when you found out you'd never be a potential love interest of Alec's because he's just not into ... well, us girls. Strong, protective and good with arrows (and sassy as well). What more do you want and need?

# 6 Peeta - The Hunger Games

by Suzanne Collins

I've always loved guys who can bake, which makes Peeta so much more interesting. He's kind and would die for the girl he loves and he's such a good speaker. You listen to his words and they just convince you of everything he says. His unconditional love for a girl only goes dormant when he's been tortured, but even then he'll find his way back to you.

# 5 Augustus - The Fault in Our Stars

by John Green

A real heartbreaker this one. I cried my eyes out and I wish I could just change the story and make him win his battle against cancer. Sadly that isn't possible. In his time before cancer really took over he was generous, romantic and a real gentleman and his compassion was just one other thing of all his charm. 

# 4 Four - Divergent

by Veronica Roth

Another rebel (why are they always so compelling?)... His dark past doesn't mean that he doesn't know how to treat a girl (although he doesn't really...). A little awkward at first, but soon he makes his feelings clear and would do anything to save the girl he loves (another man who would die for you, unless you do it first...). It takes a while to get him out of his shell, but then it's totally worth it!

# 3 Bellamy - The 100

by Kass Morgan

Bellamy - what a survivor! He risks his life (and the chancellor's) for his sister, learns how to hunt to bring food to the 'table' and would never want an entire people to risk their lives just to keep him from being executed. Such  noble and protective man. Who wouldn't want to discover a whole new planet with him by your side?

# 2 Levi - Fangirl

by Rainbow Rowell

LEVI! One of my biggest book crushes ever. From his very first line where he bumped into Cath I knew that this guy would be here for the long haul. The way he cared for Cath, made sure that she always got walked home so she didn't have to be by herself at night outside, how he always wanted to listen to her read her fanfiction out loud and how he just kept crushing on her for months until she finally noticed it. He's the guy that would do anything for you and ask nothing in return (well, maybe that you'd read him your fanfiction). He's the guy who you can call up at any time in the night to come pick you up if you're in trouble, who would drive you home from college to visit your family for emergencies, who would always be there for you and show you how much you mean to him. That's the guy everybody's looking for and nobody seems to be able to get over (especially not if he's fictional because you can always reread the books). 

# 1 Will - The Infernal Devices

by Cassandra Clare

And the winner is... Will Herondale! Were you surprised? Well he certainly wouldn't be. With his charms and good looks he didn't have any problem winning girls over. His arrogance is only an act, but his quick wit and sarcasm never ceased to amuse me. Although he holds everyone at arm-lenght away and doesn't want to get tied up, he would risk his own life for the ones he loves. Also, his perfect memory allows him to find a perfect poetry quote for every situation, and if that doesn't win a girls heart I don't know what will. It may help that he could save your life without even losing a breath and you wouldn't even notice. 

Now tell me, who are your top ten fictional crushes? If you participated in today's Top Ten Tuesday leave your link below so that I can have a look.